The ultimate guide on how to white list email addresses to keep them out of a spam filter

Whitelisting is something you just do once and it guarantees that you will receive the emails you want to receive. 


Note: In order to mark emails from anyone as safe, you have to first move it from the spam/junk folder to your inbox. 

Email Provider

  • Gmail
  • /
  • Yahoo! Mail

Email Client

  • Outlook desktop software
  • MacMail / apple mail
  • AOL (Yip people still use it)



Whitelisting a sender in Gmail is easy, open any email from that sender, hover over the sender’s name and a pop-up will appear. Simply click on the icon to add to contacts and boom, it’s done. Easy as that. You can still unsubscribe at any time but this simple action will make sure that you get the email from us.

Yahoo! mail:

    • Log into your Yahoo! mail and find the gear icon in the top right hand corner.
    • Find and Click Settings
    • On the Settings page, select Filters in menu
    • Now click “Add” 

    • Give your filter a name.
    • Select the conditions that you would like to whitelist emails
    • Once your conditions are set,  go down to move the messages to this folder and select Inbox in the dropdown menu.
    • Then click Save

Yahoo! mail

To make sure that emails from a specific emailer aren’t ending up in your junk or spam folders then follow these easy steps:

    • Find and click the little Gear icon, top right.
    • Select Options

    • In the verticle menu on the left, Open Mail > Junk emailSafe Sender


  • Then right side tab click on the + to add the address or domain to your  whitelist and hit the good old fashioned Save button (I love that they still use a floppy disk as an icon)

Desktop Outlook Client

Open the Outlook desktop client and do these things to whitelist an email or domain:

Option 1:

  • Find an email from the sender you would like to whitelist then Right Click on the email.
  • Click Junk > Never Block Sender’s Domain, Group or Mailing List as needed.

outlook whitelist


    • Click MailPreferences

    • Click the Rules tab > Add Rule button.

    • Simply name your rule in the Description field.
    • within the If any of the following conditions are met field, choose From and Contains.
    • In the  Contains field, enter the domain name (EG: you wish to whitelist.
    • Go down to the Perform the following section, in the dropdown choose Move Message and in to mailbox: choose Inbox.
    • Click Ok

AOL WebMail

  • Check your email > click the sender’s name /email address
  •  Click Add to Address Book in the popup 
  • Click Save