The Standard DAO

Solving Inflation


The Standard Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure project that enables users to generate stable cryptocurrencies by utilizing asset-backed loans without intermediaries. 

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The Standard Token

Standard Token (TST) holders can participate in the governance system of the Standard Protocol. Standard Token holders benefits are:

  • Rewards for actively participating in the voting 
  • Discount on stability fee
  • Access to liquidated assets under spot price

The Standard Euro

sEUR is the world’s first algorithmic stable coin that is backed by fungible assets and soft pegged to the Euro.

It is generated by leveraging a variety of fungible assets as collateral in a smart contract.

sEUR is only the first. The DAO will be rolling out many more fiat soft peggs over time with a goal of having a stablecoin for every fiat currency in the world.

The Standard DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization responsible for governing and growing the ecosystem. Making key decisions using smart voting mechanisms and prediction markets.

Meet the Team

Joshua Scigala

An award-winning entrepreneur who has co-founded several technology startups including Vaultoro, SwapStyle and many more. Joshua is one of the first advocates of distributed ledger technologies and has become a leader in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space.

Joshua has experience with managing large technological teams successfully and has been a pioneer in the sharing economy since 2001.

Laurin Bylica

Entrepreneur, fintech visionary, management consultant and senior associate for a corporate VC & family office in Hong Kong. Laurin has an outstanding track record of driving tech projects from start to finish, including the world’s largest crypto sale which raised over US$4.2 billion.

Ana Valdes

A Chief Operating Officer with a successful track record in the blockchain space for six years.  Prior to this, she was the Head of E-commerce in a popular luxury fashion brand startup in Berlin, Front Row Society. Ana is a postgraduate of the London School of Economics and is holding a Master’s degree in Foreign Business Affairs. 

Simon Morley

An engineer by definition, Simon started his technology career in Nokia’s R&D department before moving into finance where he cut his teeth at a prestigious asset management firm. Since 2005, Simon has founded multiple successful startups covering everything from WiFi, analytics, big-data & machine learning, retail & hospitality and most recently, blockchain development at Vaultoro.

Philip Scigala

Founder & Co-Founder of various successful technology driven companies including Bar9 and Vaultoro. Philip has been in the blockchain and precious metals space for more than seven years. As committed CEO and CTO, Philip developed the Vaultoro exchange and other products and services for the precious metal industry.

Advisory Board

Hartej from Zokyo joins The Standard dao crypto project
Hartej Sawhney
Smart Contract Security

Hartej Sawhney pioneered the smart contract security auditing space in 2015. He founded Zokyo, a venture studio that builds, secures and funds crypto, DeFi and NFT companies, and also co-founded Hosho, which was ranked #1 Smart Contract security Auditor in 2019 by Forbes. 

Dr Jane Thomason joins The standard DAO DeFi project
Dr Jane Thomason
DAO Governance

Dr Jane Thomason is a thought leader in technological innovation, fintech and blockchain for social impact. She was named by Forbes as a leader in Blockchain for Social Impact and is a published author. She holds a large number of academic and commercial positions including a seat on the board of a major bank and co-founded the British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association.